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Is Europe Hitting Ukraine Fatigue?


NATO leaders are irked that Germany is not sending tanks to Ukraine. Western media is bending over backward to let you know that this is a temporary speed bump to continued Western aid to Ukraine.

The Wall Street Journal goes too far as to say that this is not an indication that Europe has sanctions fatigue. Quite the contrary, they lead their coverage of this rift by saying, “Europe is winning its energy war with Russia. The region’s economy and politics are proving more stable than its leaders feared earlier in their confrontation with Moscow. Now the question facing them is whether they want Ukraine to win the shooting war.”

What a way to lead a story!! On what basis is Europe winning the energy war? By reverting to coal? By seeing skyrocketing energy prices? This is a strange way to tell you that Germany is taking a pause on dragging out this war.

The German foreign intelligence service reported that Ukraine is losing a “three-digit number” of soldiers each day and that the nation is “alarmed” by this loss of life. Rightly so.

Many Europeans do not want to be dragged into a war with Russia and that is becoming increasingly clear. In response to Germany’s refusal to send the tanks, the Prime Minister of Poland says that he will set up a “smaller coalition” to hand over the tanks, which are currently in Poland. Ukraine said Friday that it would be training soldiers to use these tanks in Poland, while Russia says that these types of supplies will “change something” on the battlefield.


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