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Is Today The Day for Julian Assange?

Courts in the U.K. will decide today if they believe the U.S. assurance that Julian Assange will be treated well if he is extradited. LOL.

The very premise is a sham. The U.S. has admitted that they tried to KILL Julian Assange while he was in the Ecuadorian embassy. No one should be given a second chance to have custody of someone after they’ve tried to murder them. You don’t get a second chance to not murder.

If the court rejects the U.S. assurances, Assange will be able to appeal his extradition again, but presumably, he will still have to do so while he remains in a high-security prison. If the court accepts the U.S. assurances, he could be extradited in a matter of days or weeks.

Many world leaders advocate for Julian Assange’s release, and U.S. Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he will pardon him if elected. You can watch a live broadcast at the courthouse here.

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