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Israel Admits to Killing Its Own People

Israeli newspaper Haaretz says that the Israeli army killed many, many Israeli citizens on October 7. This is not new information. What is new is that Haaretz has reported it.

Israel has a term for killing its own civilians it’s called the Hannibal procedure and it was instituted back in 1986. The IDF was ordered to prevent Hamas kidnapping, even “at the expense of the lives of the kidnapped.” Many testimonies have shown this to anyone who was willing to see them. This video from Uncaptured Media showed victims from a Kibbutz Be’eri that were indiscriminately shelled by the IDF.

“There was crazy hysteria, with decisions made without any verified information,” one source said. Huh. That is inconsistent with the reputation of the super-precise and well-funded IDF. So how did this happen and who made those orders? Haaretz says that this may not be known until there is a post-war investigation.

The IDF said this about these revelations: “The army has been fighting for six months at high intensity on several fronts, focused on attaining the war’s objectives. In tandem, the IDF has begun conducting internal investigations of what transpired on October 7 and the preceding period. The aim of these investigations is to learn and to draw lessons which could be used in continuing the battle. When these investigations are concluded, the results will be presented to the public with transparency.”

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