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Israel’s Impending Invasion of Gaza

The war in Israel will reach further than we could ever have imagined. It is solidifying unities that had been forming around the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and deepening racial division in countries around the globe. Before we get to the news, a prayer for humanity, may a higher power help us all.

On Sunday, the FBI warned that the conflict may inspire domestic threats from Hamas and other terrorist groups. It may also have inspired threats from Israel’s supporters. In Chicago this weekend, a Muslim family was attacked in their home and a 6 year-old boy was reportedly stabbed to death because of the landlord’s anti-Muslim sentiment.

A lot of online fighting revolves around the idea of Israel. Who was there first? Is it a colonialist state? We don’t find that useful in the current moment. What we find useful is this question: Who will gain power from this in the same way war powers from 9/11 were taken and never released? What civilians will be sacrificed to this horror? An impending genocide?

Just like the October 7 massacre: People who have nothing to do with the conflict are being killed. Children. Children on both sides have been dragged fatally into the mistakes of adults.

Israel has warned the people of Gaza to evacuate in advance of a massive invasion. United States politicians have shown support for Israel but a leaked State Department document shows that diplomats are being told not to talk about less violence. They are being told not to use the following phrases: : “de-escalation/ceasefire,” “end to violence/bloodshed” and “restoring calm.” In other words they DON’T want a “de-escalation” or a “ceasefire.”

The international response is too numerous to retell in this newsletter. We covered the Egyptian response today and will cover more in today’s live broadcast. Join us at 4PM Eastern for our live show.

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