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Israel’s Next Move

Israel says that it will relocate 1.5 million Palestinians to “humanitarian islands” before it invades the southern city of Rafah. Where are these “humanitarian islands”? Unclear.

The Associated Press reports that these “islands” will be “in the center of the territory.” So inside of Gaza presumably. Many of those in Rafah are there because they were fleeing other areas in Gaza that were already attacked. How many more places are there left to go?

Israel says that it will move those in Rafah “in coordination with international actors… [as] a key part of the military’s preparations for its anticipated invasion of Rafah, where Israel says Hamas maintains four battalions it wants to destroy.”

Israel went ahead and targeted on alleged Hamas command center on Wednesday which happened to be a U.N. food distribution center. At least five people were killed in the raid, including one U.N. staff member.

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