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J.K. Rowling Takes on Scotland

In the U.K., Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling should be free to say these things after Scotland’s Hate Crime Act came into effect. The author said that she would submit to arrest for her right to post this on X.

The Prime Minister said that she must not be criminalized ”for stating simple facts on biology.” Clearly, Rowling published this inflammatory post in order to protect less powerful women from being prosecuted for saying something similar. The government may not have the guts to arrest Rowling but would other women get the same pass?

In Australia, they don’t. X is suing the government there for requesting that the company remove a post about Australian citizen Teddy Cook, a biological woman who has advocated for tax-payer funded surgeries for all trans Australians. X blocked the post in Australia but it was shared in different formats so X faced a $800,000 fine. They are suing in order to protect free speech in Australia.

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