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Just “Lose Gracefully” To Trans Athletes

Congress held a hearing on Tuesday to discuss transgender athletes in school sports. There were some doozies here worth watching.

For example, National Women’s Law Center President Fatima Goss Graves said that female athletes should “learn to lose gracefully” to transgender competitors. She championed sports in general for the life lessons it provides young people and yet, as lockdown critic Jennifer Sey points out, they did not “give a damn about all public school kids being kept out of sports for 2+ years.” So now we care about sports for the life lessons?

Another clip that has gone viral Congresswoman Summer Lee was called misogynistic by competitive swimmer Riley Gaines after she accused Gaines of being transphobic. Lee tried to get the statement struck from the record because she said that Gaines was “engaging in personalities” but she was overruled and withdrew her request. Later on X she said that this hearing was “yet another extremist Republican hearing attacking trans kids.” The comments on this post are worth reading.

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