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Lead: 10 More Years in Ukraine

The U.S. is expected to sign on to at least ten more years of supporting Ukraine, God help us!

The G7 summit of Western leaders kicks off this week in Italy and President Biden is expected to use this occasion to “commit the US to 10 years of arming and training the Ukrainian military and helping build up the country’s military-industrial complex. The agreement is not expected to specify an amount that the US will spend on supporting Ukraine.”

This may be Zelensky’s consolation prize for President Biden skipping his upcoming “peace summit” in Switzerland.

And what of those of us who do not want to continue to support this war? Could we reverse this by voting Biden out of office? Probably. According to, “The deal could also be easily reversed by a future administration since it will be an ‘executive agreement,’ not a formal military treaty, which requires the approval of the Senate.”

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