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Les Miserables

This is not the romantic revolution from Les Miserables. This is a crisis of civilization as riots rage across France and Switzerland this weekend.

Last week a 17 year-old Muslim boy with an extensive criminal background was pulled over and fatally shot by police. The video went viral and prompted protests and riots, looting and burning.

The rioters are protesting about the race of the victim saying that Muslims are mistreated in France. But those same protestors are making it unsafe for everyone, highlighting the fact that France has a gang problem.

Some are presenting this as a problem of an influx of Muslim immigrants. It seems to have less to do with religion and more to do with the economics of mass migration.

Others are saying that this is cultural assimilation. The French love to riot. It is the basis of Les Miserables! These images are not like Les Miserables. Once civilians are held hostage to gun violence in their own town, something entirely different is happening.

The French government is now censoring social media in an attempt to quell the riots.

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