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Let’s Arm Some NAZIS While We’re At It

A Ukrainian politician says that the country is stealing Western aid money that is meant to build defense trenches against Russia. Mikhail Bondar, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, says that corrupt Ukrainian officials have stolen up to $500 million.

Duh! Intelligence has been reporting this since the special military operation began but Western politicians are trying so hard not to know this. But even Ukrainian media knows this? Reports show that authorities have paid out millions of dollars from Western aid to “fake companies for the supply of non-existent construction materials to build fortifications.”

And the Biden administration now says that not only can Ukraine use our money and weaponry, it will now lift the ban on the Azov Battalion using U.S. weapons. Who is the Azov Battalion? Nazis. They are Nazis. We are literally now supplying weapons to Nazis just after the anniversary of D-Day. This is a violation of the Leahy Law but the State Department says: this is fine.

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