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Let’s Talk About Those “Melting” Icebergs

Is arctic sea ice melting due to human-caused climate change? New research shows that arctic ice has stopped declining in the last 17 years and no one has yet been able to prove that carbon emissions “cause” anything.

Arctic ice declined steadily from a 1978 until 2007 when ice levels hit record lows. Since 2007, that decline stopped and there has been observed some increase in arctic ice even as CO2 concentrations have increased steadily. This shows that there is not a linear relationship between carbon emissions and ice melt and that the reality is far more complicated.

In the Antarctic, sea ice decline has been minimal, according to this study. Could it perhaps be because the West Antarctic Ice Sheet lies above at least 138 documented volcanoes? That might have something to do with it, right?

Climate scientists know this even if the media doesn’t. Their models are hotly debated and sensitive to manipulation. Given that Al Gore won a Nobel Prize in 2007 when ice levels were low and he predicted that sea ice in the summer would disappear by now, maybe he should correct the record? Or the media? Someone?

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