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Maine’s New Drug Program Is A BUMmer For Taxpayers

Warning: Don’t read this story while you’re eating.

Maine is handing out “boofing” kits to fentanyl addicts. Boofing is when you shoot drugs up your butt. Sorry. We’re not doing it, we’re just telling you about it because taxpayers are paying for it.

This is part of Maine’s harm reduction program which gives drugs to addicts so that they can use substances in a controlled environment. Harm reduction is not regulated and there are no national standards on how to do this in order to help someone break an addiction but liberal governments practice this because they think it is compassionate. Is it compassionate to help someone abuse drugs through their butthole?

Why in the world would someone do this? The state’s guide explains thusly: “If you are struggling to hit a vein, or would like to gives [sic] your lungs a break from smoking, boofing is a great option to do your drugs without using a needle or a pipe.”

Also in Maine, the state is building publicly funded affordable housing for LGBTQ people only. Both Maine’s own state laws and federal law both prohibit housing discrimination based on sexual orientation so I’m not sure how this is legal but they’re doing it.

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