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Major Win Against Pandemic Treaty

The World Health Organization has made major changes to the Pandemic Treaty, the most important change being that it would no longer be a binding document that would remove a country’s ability to make its own decisions about pandemics and pandemic measures. Phew, that’s a biggie!

This is the document that the WHO was trying to pass, which would give the organization the power to implement pandemic measures such as lockdowns, vaccines, and other treatments. It would mandate population censorship and give the WHO the power to declare anything a pandemic risk and reorganize all business and land use.

The vote is scheduled for May, and a revision to the treaty was due in March, but it was only just released.

The WHO made other major changes such as removing the idea of an “infodemic,” which they defined as even true information that could influence behavior. They also dropped the proposal for global censorship.

We will go over what this means in today’s Redacted episode.

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