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Marching Into War

President Biden is hell-bent on war and no one can talk him out of it, according to warnings from U.S. officials.

“Every scenario shows this would escalate into something terrible… whether in terms of counterterrorism or war with Iran,” one official said.

Officials are warning that the “unconditional support of Israel” could lead to a war with Lebanon. Last week Israel launched drone strikes in Beirut to kill a senior Hamas leader. Senior Israeli Defense Force staff Herzi Halevi said on Monday that Israel plans to be at war all year this year!

“The year 2024 will be challenging. We will be at war in Gaza,” said IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi during a visit to the West Bank. “I don’t know if it will be all year long. We will be fighting in Gaza all year, that’s for sure, and this will also hold the other arenas, certainly in [the West Bank], to a certain state of alertness.”

This most likely means that the U.S. will be in it all year too because even if President Biden loses re-election, a new leader would not take office until January of 2025.

“I’ve been trying to keep an avalanche from falling on Lebanon and so have a lot of people,” the US official said. “The problem is no one can rein in Biden, and if Biden has a policy, he’s the commander-in-chief ― we have to carry it out. That’s what it comes down to, very, very, very, unfortunately.”

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