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Media Bias Is Real, Here’s How to Avoid It

As many of you long-time viewers already know, the heart of what we do here is bringing you the stories that the mainstream media misses or chooses to ignore.

Recently, we came across a tool that aligns perfectly with our mission. That tool is Ground News. If you’re tired of the misleading narratives in the media, you’ll appreciate this. It’s a way to see how different outlets are covering the same story, all in one place. Imagine being able to compare coverage on the same story from different news sources worldwide. Ground News has become a valuable tool for the team at Redacted to sort through the bias.

They don’t generate the news; rather they compile it in one place and give you a visual breakdown of the news outlets. Try it right now and Redacted readers will get 40% off of their unlimited plan by signing up right here.

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