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Wall Street is hunting the retail investor who is not playing by their rules, according to the Wall Street Journal. Keith Gill is the regular guy who continues to cause surges in stocks that Wall Street cannot control and they hate him for it.

The WSJ reports that E*Trade may consider booting Gill from its platform. Also, “the Massachusetts securities division is looking into Gill’s activities, a spokeswoman said Monday” and the “Securities and Exchange Commission has also been reviewing trading in GameStop call options around the time of Gill’s social-media posts, according to people familiar with the agency’s efforts.”

For what?? For buying a holding a stock and telling his social media following about it? He posted his position in GameStop on Reddit showing that he has held shares of GameStop to the tune of 5 million shares, meaning he has multiplied his position by 25 times!

Since Wall Street has bet on GameStop tanking and Gill continues to prevent that from happening due to his organic popularity, they want to stop him and they want to stop him bad. They say that what he is doing is “not real investing” and they want to take our freedoms away to stop it.

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