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Moderna’s Vax Combo Meal

Moderna announced that its flu/Covid vaccine combo completed Phase 3 of its clinical trials and that the vaccine results in a “higher immune response than the licensed comparator vaccines used in the trial.”

This means that the people who took this new vaccine had higher antibody counts than people who took something else. That “something else” was Fluarix®, a standard dose influenza vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline, and Spikevax, Moderna’s Covid vaccine.

Were they less likely to contract Covid or the flu? That wasn’t tested. Were they less likely to show symptoms? That also was not tested. They only reported antibodies in the clinical trial subjects.

Is it safe? Moderna says that it “showed an acceptable tolerability and safety profile.” What is acceptable to them may not be acceptable to the general population but we cannot know what that is yet because they have not published the full clinical trial yet. says that this study is due out on June 14.

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