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More Bad News for Electric Vehicle Owners

Electric vehicles are more dangerous than gas-powered vehicles, according to new data.

The University of Nebraska and the U.S. Army conducted tests “to better understand whether currently used guardrails and U.S. military protection measures against hostile vehicles are prepared for the growing number of EVs.”

Bottom line: They’re not. EVs are between 20 and 50% heavier than a gas-powered car and have a low center of gravity so they cannot be stopped by guardrails if they are out of control. Guardrails are designed to stop vehicles from flying off the ground, perhaps over a cliff or a bridge but they don’t work well for EVs. Watch these safety tests! Why didn’t authorities test this before EVs were greenlit for the road??

Also, because of the heavy weight, EVs can do more damage to a lighter gas-powered car if they collide. Again, why is this the “first-of-its-kind crash test,” according to researchers!?

So…they are less convenient, less safe, not proven to reduce emissions and use more rare-earth minerals than gas-powered cars. What a sell!

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