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Mr. Zelensky Goes to Davos

Ukrainian President Zelensky traveled to Davos, Switzerland this week to try to regain national attention for his warmongering. He continues to re-iterate his “plan for peace” which is actually a plan for more war.

It did not seem to renew his once sky-high popularity nor did it do anything to inspire Russia’s confidence in actual peace talks. Moscow says that his “so-called ‘peace formula’ is fated to be a flop.”

That is because Zelensky’s only plan involves taking back Crimea, which voted to join Russia after being attacked by Ukraine 10 years ago and has NO interest in ever re-joining Ukraine. It also involves taking back the Donbas region, which also voted to join Russia after a decade of attacks by Ukraine. Those things are non-starters. It also involves Ukraine joining NATO for more “security.” In sum, it’s not a serious plan. It’s a joke.

The President of Switzerland says that it will work with Zelensky to organize a peace summit but Russia has not been involved in the process. Also a joke.

The European Union now says that it will do a full audit of weaponry sent to Ukraine by member states. This comes after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that “the arms deliveries for Ukraine planned so far by the majority of EU member states are too small.”

Meanwhile, historic numbers of people are protesting in Germany and speaking out against the government’s support of war while punishing the working class.

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