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NATO Inches Toward Ukraine’s Border

NATO continues to play footsie with Ukraine’s border. Russia responded by destroying military infrastructure in Ukraine right near the border to Romania. Romania is a NATO member so this causes some worry about a further escalation with NATO.

“This was Russia sending a clear message to NATO. Do not try to cross this border or you will face a devastating response,” Col. Douglas MacGregor told Redacted.

The targets were reportedly industrial facilities, a grain elevator and a facility that housed foreign mercenaries.

Meanwhile Russia says that it downed at least seven Ukrainian drones inside its Western borders. There were no reported casualties but this follows a week full of attacks inside of Russia’s borders, which the United Nations condemns.

Is this why CNBC reports that Western leaders are “frustrated with Zelensky”?

“So the U.S. is strongly advising Ukraine not to do certain things, but Kyiv does them anyway, brushing aside or not addressing U.S. concerns. And they come at the United States, or Washington or the Biden administration, complaining about not being involved in NATO talks,” one CNBC source said.

So…time to review that nonstop military aid then?

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