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NBC Pitches a Conservative Fit

NBC News anchors pitched a whiny baby fit about Ronna McDaniel being hired to be on the network and now NBC has reversed course and kicked her off. McDaniel is the former head of the Republican National Committee and NBC personalities Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd said that they really did not want anything to do with her.

Should we care whether McDaniel is on NBC? Not really but we should care about the reenforcement of the idea that you can’t talk to people you don’t agree with. More specifically, the liberal idea that you don’t have to listen to conservatives and vice versa. This hurts and divides us all.

It also shows astounding arrogance. NBC personalities say that their major problem with McDaniel is that she has been “a major peddler of the big lie,” referring to election fraud. Those same anchors have also peddled major lies and see no contradiction! They lied about Russiagate, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Covid vaccines, Covid masks…I could go on and on. But they can’t talk to one lady who said things that they don’t like? More proof that they are odious malcontented divas.

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