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Netanyahu On The Brink

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that President Biden is withholding the weapons that Israel needs to carry out its war in Gaza. He calls this “inconceivable.”

Edward Snowden likened this to the scorpion stinging the frog fable. President Biden has lost critical support by enabling Israel’s attack on Gaza “only to have Bibi (predictably) start running campaign ads for Trump. President Biden is in a no-win situation politically.

Earlier this week, Netanyahu dissolved his war cabinet after two members left. In its place, he will form a “small consultation body of the remaining four members to make decisions about the war in Gaza.”

So the two members who disagreed with him are gone, and now he has a war counsel who presumably will only agree with him. That seems like a dangerous situation, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, the Israeli High Court of Justice has put a pause on the investigation into whether or not Israeli intelligence know about Hamas’ plans on October 7. That’s odd right? Wouldn’t you think they’d want to know that? The court says it received “classified briefings from security agencies, some of which have publicly opposed the probe.” The court will hear arguments next month to determine if this investigation will continue. If?

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