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New York Times Has a New Target

What does the New York Times have against Shen Yun, the traveling Chinese ballet show that you probably see advertised all over your town?

The Epoch Times says that the NYT is about to publish a “hit piece” on the dance company. Shen Yun is based in New York. Their mission is to “revive traditional Chinese culture.” Their slogan is “China Before Communism.” They are NOT aligned with the Chinese Communist Party.

But the Times has been investigating Shen Yun for at least six months, interviewing former performers and presumably trying to make the case that they are a Chinese psy-op on Americans.

One of the focuses of the piece is on Falun Gong, a meditative practice that is banned in China. Many of those who follow this practice are also founders of the Epoch Times, which may be why this is of interest to the outlet.

So if the Chinese government does not like Shen Yun, is the New York Times doing it a favor to attack the dance company?

For the record, my mother went to a Shen Yun performance last month and she loved it. She has not yet been radicalized by China. But she does enjoy Chinese food.

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