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New Zealand’s Dirty Covid Secret Exposed by Whistleblower

Police in New Zealand arrested a whistleblower who was trying to warn about excess deaths in connection with the Covid vaccine. They claim his actions were “a mass privacy breach of Covid-19 vaccination data.”

A man named Barry Young sent the data to researchers last week showing at least 10,000 excess deaths per year since the Covid vaccine. Rather than refute the data, the government arrested the source. Young was denied bail because the government deemed him to be a flight risk. At his arraignment on Monday, the court was packed with supporters of Young who cheered when he appeared. The judge had to tell them to stop, saying “any more disruption and I’ll ask you to leave”.

Young has been charged with “accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes.”

The media is calling Young’s data “conspiracy” and repeating the “safe and effective” line. There is no research that shows the combination of vaccines currently used on humans is safe in the combination that we currently use them. As for the effectivity line, see the preceding story about the lawsuit by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

A reporter who has followed the story, Liz Gunn, says that the whistleblower did take this data to the government and was ignored. New Zealand does have whistleblower protection laws under the Protected Disclosures Act. Will it apply to this man?

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