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Nikki Haley Gets More Confident With Each Loss

Nikki Haley says that she will keep running for president, despite a loss in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

“This race is far from over; there are dozens of states left to go,” she said. You gotta hand it to her; she does not look dispirited at all. Perhaps because she did not lose by as much as she’d been predicted to lose. She had approximately 43% of the vote to Trump’s 54%, although many of her voters were not registered Republicans.

President Biden has said that it seems fairly clear that he will face the former president in the final election. He too won the primary vote in New Hampshire even though he was not on the ballot and voters had to write in his name.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board encouraged Haley to keep going because President Trump is old and you never know what could happen with his age and legal battles. They don’t make the same argument for a Biden competitor, despite the fact that he is older than Trump and faces impeachment. Strange, right?

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