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Not In My Backyard

Are politicians fighting with people’s lives? That is what Democrats say is happening as Republican governors sent migrants to wealthy northeastern areas.

Last week, governors of Texas, Arkansas and Florida sent bus and plane-loads of migrants to Washington DC, New York and Chicago. Some were sent to Martha’s Vineyard, a notoriously wealthy and homogenous place. Others were sent to the neighborhood of Kamala Harris in Washington, D.C. They did so to protest the Biden Administration’s lax policy on immigration which has flooded their states with migrants without the resources to care for them.

Lawyers for the migrants say that this was criminal and are asking the Attorneys General in the respective states to open investigations. They say that the migrants did not understand where they were going. Governor DeSantis of Florida denies this and says that the migrants signed waivers.

So, what happens now? Will this backfire on the Republican governors or will it actually get these migrants more resources than the crowded states of Texas and Florida could otherwise offer them? This is no laughing matter.

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