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Now… About All That Money Going to Israel

The Senate voted NOT to investigate aid to Israel in a resolution introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders, who himself is Jewish.

The resolution would investigate Israel’s use of weapons sent from the U.S. to produce a report on whether or not it was used to violate human rights in Gaza. But like the weapons sent to Ukraine, Congress is just not interested, thank you.

“It should not be controversial to ask how U.S. weapons are used,” Senator Sanders said on X.

But it is. The U.S. wants no scrutiny of the military-industrial complex. It only slows down the ways that it can allow private contractors to over-charge for weapons and asks elected officials to analyze how they are complicit in human death. Who would want that?

Iran’s foreign minister warned the U.S. on Tuesday not to “tie their destiny” to the whims of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and said Washington’s full support for Israel is “the root of insecurity in the region.”

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