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Now They Want Your Pets

Are globalists coming for your pets in the name of climate change? That is what Country Squire Magazine thinks.

The argument is that domestic pets are bad for the environment because humans like to dote on them. That fluffy bed for your pup is bad for the earth. And so is the packaged food they live on. A 2019 study calculates the EPP, ecological paw print, of domestic animals and, yep, they’re causing global warming it says! The Independent goes so far as to say this about the study: “My tough message is that the UK cannot achieve its carbon goals or protect our remaining scraps of biodiversity if we maintain this unsustainable huge number of pets. So, please, gently tell your friends not to get a new pet or to replace their current pet when it passes to pet-heaven, unless they absolutely (absolutely!) have to.”

Some towns are trying to ban dogs in parks or introduce taxes on domestic pets in the name of the climate. Barking mad, right!?

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