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Oh… is that what the ‘delete’ button does?

How did Scotland decide on pandemic measures? We may never know because former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon deleted her messages.

In a hearing on Wednesday, Sturgeon cried when asked to recall her leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic. When asked about deleting messages, she said she “didn’t retain them.” When pushed, she admitted that meant…delete.

She has been accused of imposing stricter measures on the Scottish in order to push for independence from England. She denied that but emails from 2020 show that she advised her ministers not to impose travel restrictions in Spain because “they will never approve EU membership for an independent Scotland as a result.”

What does that have to do with a respiratory virus? Nothing.

This was not a criminal inquiry but some lawyers said they would consider one. According to The Telegraph: “Aamer Anwar, the lead solicitor for the Scottish Covid Bereaved group, said: ‘My clients have asked me to consider asking for a criminal investigation into the actions of the former first minister and others. We will carefully consider our next steps once the evidence is completed today.'”

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