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Oklahoma Fights Biden Over Illegal Immigrants

The Biden Administration is suing the state of Oklahoma to prevent the state from arresting illegal immigrants. The Biden Justice Department is very busy preventing states from stopping illegal immigrants. Why? 

Oklahoma’s recently passed House Bill 4156 criminalizes “impermissible occupation” and allows law enforcement to jail and deport illegals. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit arguing that H.B. 4156 “is preempted by federal law” and “violates the U.S. Constitution.”

Oklahoma lawmakers say that they will fight to defend this. The state Attorney General Gentner Drummond said this in a letter to the DOJ:

“Oklahoma is exercising its concurrent and complementary power as a sovereign state to address an ongoing public crisis within its borders through appropriate legislation. Put more bluntly, Oklahoma is cleaning up the Biden Administration’s mess through entirely legal means in its own backyard – and will resolutely continue to do so by supplementing federal prohibitions with robust state penalties.”

The Justice Department is also suing to prevent similar laws in Iowa and Texas. Using your tax dollars to do so.

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