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Pakistan on Edge

The civil uprising in Pakistan has calmed slightly after the release of former Prime Minister Imran Khan but the nation is on edge. He was arrested and thousands of people protested this week, leading to over 1,000 arrests and dozens of deaths.

Sources in Pakistan tell Redacted that over 17 children were killed by the paramilitary forces in one village alone as members of the military pushed through towns. Citizens have been fighting them off with nothing more than sticks and stones. Power has also been cut in many towns.

The Supreme Court ruled that his arrest was illegal and he was freed on Thursday but he will still appear in court today to answer allegations that one of his charities engaged in corrupt land purchases.

Khan is campaigning for re-election after he was ousted from office last year due to a US-backed parliamentary coup. He is largely favored to win and has been claiming that the current government is trying to prevent that with these attacks.

Khan’s party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, says that they will gather peacefully this weekend to stand in solidarity with Khan.

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