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Pardon my French

France has decided not to re-order their language for “gender neutral” purposes. The Senate voted in favor of a ban on “gender inclusive language” in all official communication in France.

This is a double negative so maybe a bit confusing. It means that politicians do NOT want to change the romance language and have voted TO ban proposed changes. The changes would remove the gender of nouns that is common in all romance languages and frustrates new learners around the world. It applyies to government documents, business contracts and advertising.

The proposed changes did not seem much easier. It would replace il and elle with iel and use the suffice .e and the end of words to refer to both male and female versions of the nouns. These were obviously proposed by gender ideology advocates.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke out against changing the French language on Monday saying, “In French, the masculine is neutral. We don’t need to add points in the middle of words or hyphens to make it readable.”

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