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Pfizer Messed With Texas

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing Pfizer for lying about the Covid vaccine and engaging in “false, deceptive, and misleading acts and practices.”

The lawsuit claims that Pfizer made unsupported claims about the effectiveness of the vaccine when it claimed it was 95% effective at stopping Covid transmission. This is true, they did that using the “relative risk reduction” model and the FDA knew it and allowed it.

The lawsuit also claims that more vaccinated people died from Covid than unvaccinated people after the vaccine roll out. This is also true and CDC data shows it unequivocally.

But Pfizer had impressive immunity from the government around the Covid vaccine. How can they be sued? Fraud is how. The Prep Act, which gave pharmaceutical companies immunity, can be pierced if plaintiffs can prove fraud. Texas AG Paxton led a six-month investigation of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine and apparently believes that he can prove fraud in a court of law.

Incidentally, Paxton faced an unprecedented impeachment trial and was acquitted of all charges. He was not allowed to even enter his office during this trial so this Pfizer lawsuit may have come sooner had this not happened. The executive committee of the Republican Party of Texas voted to censure outgoing Rep. Andrew Murr who led the House committee that brought the impeachment charges.

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