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President Biden: This is Fine

Supporters of President Biden say that all the viral videos of the geriatric leader freezing up and looking confused and demented are “disinformation.”

Adrienne Elrod, a spokesperson for Biden’s campaign, told MSNBC that these videos should be downranked on social media. Another word for that would be: censored.

But that would seem like a game of whackamole because there is evidence of the president’s decline almost every day. Just this weekend, former President Obama appeared to lead President Biden off stage by the hand after he froze on stage. Last week, he was markedly less with it than other members of the G7. Before that, he was seen looking confused at a Juneteenth rally. There is no way they can tell the American people that he’s fine yet they keep trying to do just that.

Miranda Devine, the New York Post reporter that broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, says that this feels like a plan to lower expectations so that we can all cheer for the president for simply not falling off the stage at the upcoming debates because “God forbid that we allow our eyes to see what they see when it comes to the Meanderer in Chief’s bizarre behavior.”

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