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Put This In Your “No Duh” Filing Cabinet

The Hunter Biden laptop was real, says the Justice Department. Way to catch up! 

Special counsel David Weiss made a filing on Wednesday saying that he will submit the laptop as evidence against the younger Biden in his upcoming trial. This means that everything we’ve seen from the laptop is also legitimate. The sex workers, the guns, the drugs, the genitals, God help us.

In court filings, Hunter Biden’s legal team did “not object to the authenticity of the trial evidence,” meaning they acknowledge that it is real too.

So when will the American public get apologies for all of the lies about the laptop?

The White House lied about it, the President lied about it, the media lied about it, the Justice Department suppressed it. As the New York Post put it: “AOC called the laptop half-fake in February of 2023! Rep. Dan Goldman was still trying to claim the laptop was somehow not real as late as December! Well, what does this circus-worth of soulless, sellout clowns have to say now? We’re waiting.”

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