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Putting President Biden Out To Pasture

Pressure is mounting for President Biden to end his bid for re-election. Congress has been out of session since the June 27 debate but they come back today and there has begun a mass exodus from Team Biden, even amongst Democrats.

At least nine Democrats have called for the President to end his campaign, perhaps out of fear that it will cost them their own re-elections. Democrats had an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the President with the overall sentiment, according to MSNBC, that they don’t trust President Biden to beat former President Trump in November. Senator Mark Warner is expected to host another meeting around this topic later this week.

Democrats seem so confused with this fallout, even though the writing has been on the wall. The economy is terrible. The warmongering has no end. The groups that they expect support from are abandoning them, namely Black and Hispanic voters. Democrats still have not grasped the idea that telling people how to vote based on their race is racism. The Congressional Black Caucus say that they support President Biden but they seem to have missed how many Black voters do not.

A New York Times-Siena College national poll released last week shows President Trump leading Biden among Hispanic registered voters by 9 percentage points.

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