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Ramping Up The War Rhetoric

Keep watch of how the media warms us up to war with the explanation of battle tactics. We saw this during Obama’s many wars in the Middle East with terms like “precision strike” and “arming moderates.”

There is no such thing as precision strikes and by moderates, he meant terrorists but an easier and softer version, as if there is such a thing.

Now we are being sold the concepts of “sponge bombs” and “targeted raids.” This is meant to sell us the idea that there is a way to pick out targets for attacks like the thing you don’t want in a trail mix. There isn’t.

That is why U.S. Army Colonel Amos Fox coined the term “precision paradox.” It is the failed promise of precision strikes – one strike, one kill – generating a creeping wave of destruction.

The wave of destruction in Gaza is not creeping. It is a high-speed swell. Palestinian authorities say that over 6,500 people have been killed this month but President Biden said he had “no confidence” in that number.

The United Nations failed to pass two resolutions to stop the conflict this week.

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