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Red Line? What Red Line?

The U.S. is now saying that there are no red lines for Israel. Never mind. Nothing to see here. As you were. Go back to watching Netflix.

Last weekend, President Biden told MSNBC that if Israel attacks Rafah, where Palestinian civilians have gathered to escape the bombs of the Israeli army, that would be a red line. On Tuesday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that he didn’t mean it.

“We’re not going to engage in hypotheticals about what comes down the line and the reports that purport to describe the president’s thinking are uninformed speculation,” Sullivan said.

They’re not speculating. It is what the President said. When asked about an invasion of Rafah the President responded: “It is a red line but I’m never going to leave Israel.”

That’s not how red lines work, sir.

Sullivan did say that the U.S. “the US won’t support an IDF operation in Rafah unless Israel puts forward a plan to evacuate the over one million Palestinians currently sheltering in the city.” The IDF probably won’t do that because they clearly don’t have to. The U.S. will keep sending weapons anyway.

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