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Russia Pounds Ukraine’s Military Infrastructure

Russia claimed responsibility for missile strikes on Kiev and Kharkov on Tuesday and says that the strikes were targeting military locations, “particularly sites producing rockets and other munitions. Ukraine claimed that civilian had been injured in the attacks and that the missiles hit residential buildings.

Russia denied this, saying that they “do not target social infrastructure, residential areas or civilians, unlike the Kiev regime.” Ukraine did attack a civilian market on Sunday, killing at least 27 people. The United Nations condemned that attack but did not mention Ukraine specifically. So they condemned no one.

A spokesperson for Ukraine’s military said that Tuesday’s attacks killed one person but it is not clear if it was a civilian. The mayor of Kharkiv said that residential buildings were damaged.

“At the moment, as a result of the Russian terrorist attack on Kharkiv, 30 residential buildings were damaged. About a thousand windows were broken and it is  -7C outside,” according to Mayor Terekhov.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Ukraine needs 155mm shells to keep up its fight but now has to compete with Israel for this and the U.S. is struggling to keep up. NATO signed a $1.2 billion deal to purchase these weapons on Tuesday. NATO is funded through its member states so even if your country isn’t directly sending more aid to Ukraine, your tax dollars still are.

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