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Say Hello To The New COVID… more flirty than the last one

A new strain of Covid is called the FLiRT variant. It feels like they’re messing with us with that nomenclature.

The variant, also called KP.2, is named from the mutations in the variant’s genetic code and it is an offshoot of omicron. Johns Hopkins says that it was responsible for 28% of Covid infections in May. Is it more serious than previous strains? No. Johns Hopkins reports this:

“When it comes to symptoms, we’re not seeing anything new or different with these variants. We continue to see more mild disease, but that’s likely not because the virus is milder, but because our immunity is so much stronger now. After years of vaccinations and infections, most of the population is better able to fight off an infection without as much concern for severe disease.”

How do they know that current Covid vaccines offer any protection against this strain? They don’t. “Studies have not been yet done with some of these newer variants” but they still recommend vaccination anyway because… No one knows why.

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