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Scotland Drowning in “Hate Crimes”

In the first week since Scotland’s “hate speech” bill went into effect, police say that they have received over 8,000 reports and they just can’t keep up. If this keeps up, it means that police would have more hate crimes on their hands than actual crimes.

According to The Telegraph: “This would mean that hate crime reports would overtake overall crime within 36 weeks, or at least by the autumn, and dwarf the annual 58,000 reported assaults, the most common offence in Scotland, by a factor of 10.”

Is Scotland really that hateful? Clearly not! Police say that the public have “weaponised” the new law to pursue personal and political vendettas. Which is exactly what opponents of the bill warned would happen! The unintended consequence is that police will not be able to handle actual policing and Scots will be less safe as a result. Analysis by the Telegraph shows “Police Scotland is already failing to solve an increasing number of shoplifting cases, sexual assaults and car thefts. Clear-up rates – referring to cases where there is enough evidence for criminal proceedings –for two-thirds of all offences have declined since 2011 including violent offences, fraud and rape.”

So that will get worse as police now have to handle reports of who hurt your feelings or upset you. Way to go Scotland. You were warned.

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