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Scotland’s Sex Change Law

new law in Scotland could put parents in jail if they oppose their children’s sex change operations.

The proposed law aims to end “conversion practices in Scotland.” This is a trick of semantics. They call “conversion” anyone who opposes transgender ideology. So if a person says that they are the opposite of their birth gender and you do not agree, you are accused of trying to “convert” them back to their birth gender.

The Scottish government would punish anyone who forces “someone to change or suppress themselves” with “up to 7 years in prison” and “a fine that has no limit” or “both of those things.” It would also make it a crime to leave Scotland with your child if you want to prevent them from gender transition.

This means that you could not prevent your child from breast removal surgery, genital removal surgery, puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones, all of which are dangerous and unproven to resolve gender dysphoria.

This law opened for consultation this week and debate will continue through April.

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