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Single-Sex Spaces For Women in Trouble

new report shows that crisis centers for women are themselves in crisis.

Sex Matters is a human rights advocacy group in the UK. They found that single-sex crisis centers are being intimidated to include trans-identified men for political ideology. Is there a harm to that? According to the report, there is. They found that victims of sexual abuse feel unsafe in places that include men and often self-exclude themselves from places that were designed to help them.

The people who run these services report to feeling silenced and intimidated if they advocate for single-sex spaces. They also found that even people who advocate for transgender people do not believe that trans people should be in spaces for women only but political ideology has taken over. Service providers report being intimidated and that their training is controlled by lobbyists.

This despite the fact that the British public overwhelmingly supports single-sex spaces for survivors by 84%.

In a somewhat related story, a soldier in Spain is claiming discrimination for not being allowed into female changing rooms after his gender transition. He looks like this and has no plans to change his appearance but insists that he is a woman.

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