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So… About All Those FTX Political Donations

Calling all Democratic politicians! Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX would like its donations back.

The company said in a statement this weekend that “political figures, political action funds, and other recipients of contributions or other payments that were made by or at the direction of the FTX Debtors, Samuel Bankman-Fried or other officers or principles of the FTX Debtors” must be returned by February 28, 2023. If they do not return the money, FTX will pull them into bankruptcy court requiring the return of payments with interest.

So who will cough up these ill-gotten gains? We knew that Beto O’Rourke said that he would return his FTX donations and the Democratic National Committee will too. He also donated generously to Maxine Waters and President Biden.

A lot of FTX donations also went to the Ukraine Central Bank. Do they also have to give that back?

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