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Supreme Court To Take Landmark Free Speech Case

The United States Supreme Court will take up the case about whether or not the government can censor speech through social networks. This is a biggie folks!

This is the update to the case brought by Missouri and Louisiana’s Attorneys General over how the government censored speech during the pandemic. In July, a judge ruled that the government can no longer communicate with social media to mandate censorship and the Justice Department has taken this case all the way to the Supreme Court and the court agreed to take the case.

The court also issued a stay on the previous ruling, which means that for now, the government still can work with social media to censor speech.

Many free speech advocates see this as a big win though because even though there is no telling how the court will rule, the conservative-leaning court is likely to see the threat to the First Amendment that this case clearly is. Cross your fingers and toes and heart, folks. This is one of the biggest cases of our time.

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