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Surprise! Puberty Blockers Don’t Work

new study out of Germany shows what common sense already tells us: there is no evidence that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are effective for children with gender dysphoria. Meaning, they don’t help.

We know that they cause harm. They are associated with bone density loss, memory loss, hair loss, infertility, cancers and more. But what advocates claim is that this is all a worthwhile risk because it helps relieve Gender Dysphoria. Only it doesn’t.

Researchers looked at two new studies by the British National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). These were the only newly available studies since 2020, despite the growing use of these pharmaceuticals. They found that the studies had “low participant numbers [and] yielded no significant additional clear evidence for specific and clearly beneficial effects of cross-sex hormones in minors.”

They conclude that the current research on these drugs is insufficient to claim that these drugs help at all. They also lament that there is no long-term data available. That is because researchers know that these studies would show these drugs in an even less favorable light.

“Current evidence doesn’t suggest that Gender Dysphoria symptoms and mental health significantly improve when Puberty Blockers or Cross Sex Hormones are used in minors,” the researchers conclude.

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