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Ten More Years

Ukrainian President Zelensky says that he is in talks with the United States to support Ukraine “for the next ten years.” 

The ink is hardly dry on a bill to send $61 billion to Ukraine last week! And yet Zelensky is working on a 10-year blank check?

“Today, our teams – of Ukraine and the United States – are working on a bilateral agreement on security,” he said on Telegram. “We are working to commit to paper concrete levels of support for this year and for the next ten years. It will include military, financial, and political support, as well as what concerns joint production of weapons.”

Ten years!? Ten more years of supporting a war that most Americans don’t support and many Ukrainians don’t want either?? Ten more years of Zelensky’s lies about the true cost of lives? The Washington Post reported this weekend that Zelensky has downplayed the death toll since the war in order to drag it on and he pretends that it is going well when it clearly is not.

This weekend, Ukrainians retreated from three new cities.

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