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The Biden Administration’s Cozy Facebook Relationship

More Facebook files were released by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan. They continue to show how the Biden administration has reached into Facebook to control speech and conversation and suppress stories at its whim.

On Monday, the fourth installment of the Facebook Files show that the FBI “made false statements in testimony about the FBI’s role in the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.”

The Committee interviewed Laura Dehmlow, the current Section Chief of the Foreign Influence Task Force. They learned that the FBI met with Twitter on October 14 before meeting with Facebook the same day about the Hunter Biden laptop. They also learned that even though the FBI had the laptop and knew the story was true, they had collectively decided to answer “no comment” when asked about it. They also learned that FBI Agent Elvis Chan was in the meetings even though he testified that he was not.

Representative Jordan says that the Biden administration has stonewalled the committee’s efforts to interview Agent Chan.

Last week, the third installment of the Facebook files show how the Biden administration not only tried to censor people around the Covid vaccine but it also asked Facebook to change the algorighm to prioritize pro-vaccine information.

Last month a federal judge ruled that the Biden administration or any government organization can no longer work with social media to censor speech. The Justice Department is appealing that ruling. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments for that appeal this Thursday.

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