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The Biden Family Christmas

The House of Representatives passed a resolution to formalize the impeachment proceedings against President Biden. The impeachment has to do with the many times the President lied about having nothing to do with his son’s foreign business dealings. Many bank records show that to be untrue.’

On the same day, Hunter Biden was due to testify to the House committee that is investigating him but instead of going inside to do just that, he gave a press conference outside and then drove away. He showed up to defy a subpoena and tell the press about it instead.

He says that he will not testify in closed-door settings because, he says, “the MAGA right has portrayed me for their political purposes.”

When asked if the President supports his son defying subpoenas, the White House said that the President knew that his son was going to do that and was “proud of him, continuing to rebuild his life.”

Representatives Jim Jordan and James Comer who have lead the House Oversight and Accountability Committee say that they will move forward with contempt proceedings.

Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that the committee has not have “a single witness” to any of their alleged allegations of the Biden’s crimes. I guess she missed when Devon Archer, Tony Bobulinksy and many IRS whistleblowers testified. Maybe she was sick those days?

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