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The CDC Has Something To Say

The CDC says that the most recent bivalent booster is cutting the risk of illness from Covid by nearly 50%. Was this a clinical trial?

No. It wasn’t. We still have not had clinical trials of the bivalent booster.

The CDC collected this data from pharmacies that were administering the Covid vaccine. Pharmacies gave out Covid tests and found that 47% of those that tested positive had not been vaccinated or boosted. This does not mean that they were sick since they were testing incidentally. It only means that they had the virus present so we are not sure how they are concluding that this means that the vaccine cuts the risk of illness. This data shows only seems to show that vaccine is correlated with a decreased incidence of testing positive.

In other news, the CDC knows that it has not aced the pandemic and told staff on Wednesday that it will be “restructuring” internally. Merging offices, moving people around. We don’t really know what that means or how that could help.

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